Apply now for a stall at this year’s festival

Applications for stalls at this year’s festival are now open, if you are interested in having a stall this year, you can apply by clicking here

Please read the terms and conditions before submitting your application

Terms and conditions

1. Stall holders must provide own equipment – e.g gazebo/table/chairs/generator/water.
2. Generators must be diesel only – petrol generator not acceptable.
3. Stall holders to erect own stalls, and remove on the festival ending.
4. Stall holders must keep the area clean and are responsible for removing rubbish
5. Stall site is determined by the HG Festival organisers and allocated in advance
6. The Public Hall/fields will be available to stallholders from 9am and stalls must be set up by 11.30am.  One car may be parked behind the stall.
7. All other vehicles to use the car park provided before 11.30am
8. All stalls to remain in place until 4.30pm
9. Stall holders are responsible for the safety and control of their staff
10. All stall holders MUST have Public Liability insurance and a copy provided to the HG Festival organisers for inspection by Stockport MBC inspectors.
11. Stall fees to be paid to the HG Festival organisers one month before the festival, and on receipt the organisers will confirm the stall allocation. On request, the organisers will also provide an invoice, in electronic or paper form.
12. If payment not received the space will be re-allocated.
13. Fees are not refundable in the event of severe bad weather or cancellation
14. The sale of food must meet all food regulations, and stall holders must have requisite health and hygiene certificates on view.
15. All equipment such as gas, electrical, and fairground must have up to date test certificates and these must be submitted to the organisers.
16. The sale of dangerous or illegal items is strictly forbidden. Any stallholder found to be offering these items will be asked to leave without refund.
17. All stallholders are asked to sell only the items listed in their application.
18. The only PA system available will the one provided by the organisers

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